LAPSE is a sonic-cinematic installation created by renowned artists Stavros Gasparatos and Lars Jan. The work traces the journey of an anonymous woman over vast stretches of time and distance, conveyed by way of an audio time-lapse technique, in concert with a visual installation balanced between a film and a cloud.

Left wing of Stavros Niarchos Hall – SNFCC, 25.07-14.08.2022

Co-creation, Music Composition,
Sound Installation, Originated by:
Stavros Gasparatos

Co-creation, Film Direction,
Visual Installation: 
​Lars Jan

Creative & Executive Producer:
Konstantinos Sakkas



Directed & Written by Lars Jan

Director of Photography & Drone Operator: Tassos Fytros / FlyingDog Aerial Media

Performed by Dominiki Drakopoulou, Emmanouela Pechynaki, Efi Koutsakou, Nyreys  Markakis

Edited by Studio Lars Jan Inc.

Video Graphics: Michalis Neromyliotis

Line Producer: Maria Drandaki / Homemade Films

Line Producer: Giannis Karantanis

Executive Producer: Konstantinos Sakkas

Produced by: Delta Pi