Densely populated Athens has become a ghost town as a result of a dangerous epidemic that is spreading rapidly. The remaining inhabitants – both infected and not – are trapped in the limbo of quarantine, and the new order is determined by a simple rule: whoever controls the streets controls the city. Thus, a gang of nationalist taxi drivers has spread its filthy tentacles across the dead-zone metropolitan highways. Andi, a sturdy forty-something drift driver, and Pina, a neurotic young zombie, have kidnapped the leader of the terrifying gang nicknamed “Uncle,” keeping him tied up in the trunk, and are driving his taxi, named Joe, incognito out of town. The destination is HOPEPUNK, a queer squat in the middle of nowhere. There, “Uncle” will answer for his crimes.


A genre short film by visual artist and filmmaker Vasiliki Lazaridou.

• In-development short film

Vasiliki Lazaridou

Vasiliki Lazaridou

Maria Drandaki, Phaedra Vokali

With the support of
ERT S.A., Greek Film Centre