Born in 1962. He studied political science and film studies. He has directed a series of documentaries for television (with social, political and historical themes) and two feature documentaries: The House of Cain, exploring the existential situation of seven everyday people who have committed murder, and Raw Material, a film immersed in the most impoverished neighborhoods of Athens to discover the unseen connection between immigrant slums and the Greek steel industry. Both films were honored with awards and distinctions in Greece and abroad (1st Prize at the Nyon Festival, FIPRESCI Prize, Audience Award in Munich etc) and have been screened at many festivals (Berlinale, Karlovy Vary, Nyon etc). He teaches Documentary Studies at the University of Athens, at the private Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos, and for the last 5 years has been running his own documentary workshop, which has already formed a core of new creators and films. Lately, alongside his work on feature documentaries Future Tenses and Death Plan for a Dog and a Man, he has been working on writing the script of his first fiction film (Power of Inertia).