Yorgos has traveled to Scotland from Greece, settling on a peninsula at the edge of the remote western highlands. Isolated and distrusted by the rural community, he works for food and board on Brona’s rundown croft – his unwelcome presence hanging darkly over her partner William, an English incomer and a fellow outsider. A ghost in a foreign land, lost from a life he left behind, Yorgos soon becomes trapped within a forced intimacy with Brona. As memories of his past in Greece resurface, Yorgos discovers the stark difference between choosing to disappear and losing yourself completely.

Feature film in development, United Kingdom-Greece

Ian Waugh

Ian Waugh

Patrick Campbell

Maria Drandaki

Produced by
Nakba FilmWorks, Homemade Films

Developed with the support of 
Scottish Film Talent Network, with the assistance of Creative Scotland via the BFI NET.WORK